The Business Intelligence team at isoftworks to create a strong foundation of data for its clients and their business. In today's competitive world, it is intricate that the right analytics is used to build capabilities out of the mountains of data that is created from various business processes within an organization.

isofthelp clients build and complete with strong decision making from using Business Intelligence in crunching data. We are armed with expert minds and strong technologies to support business users in their endeavor to make decisions faster. We deliver and manage data warehousing, data modeling, business analytics dashboards and reporting applications that provide faster performance and business profits in no time and at affordable rates. Our team is well equipped in solving business problems along with skills in data analytics and predictive modeling.

Our BI Services Include

Big Data

- Data mining capability, Data warehouse/BI optimization capabilities powered by latest technology. We can manage the entire data framework of business and help you derive value out of it implementing our analytics
BI assessment - We provide BI assessment, tool evaluation and architecture design services BI Reporting and Dashboard - We deliver the most recent and relevant information to right people at the right time with fast and real time reporting analytics

Predictive Analysis

- We help businesses to extract information from business data and help record business patterns and trend analysis, predict risks and identify growth opportunities
Data Governance and Compliance – We make our clients happy with enhanced visibility and access to reusable, central repository of analytical models and data with efficient data warehousing,
BI Support and Maintenance Services - streamlining IT processes with 24X7 dedicated support and maintenance services so that clients can reach us from anywhere , anytime to find the right solution for their data and number crunching requests.